Doing laundry and ironing are never well-
liked household chores. Hence, Beam2me
created a mobile application that allow
users to book laundry services 24/7.

One of the key challenges was to develop
an application that was simple to navigate
and comprehensible for users of all ages.
Even with advances in technology, many
users still lose patience over complicated
dashboards, leading to inadequate provision
of service from the company.








We designed an interface with specified concepts that deal with direct interactions with the user. With other elements such as marketing strategy, functional performance, and personality. We were able to develop an efficient application for both the iOS and Android platforms.

A customised Admin panel was also created to ensure the management of the facilities and user accounts. By being able to track the use of each facility, the Admin will be able to assign resources more efficiently, as well as plan for future marketing campaigns.






Beam2me was pleased with the positive feedback from their users. The application was a refreshing idea for their users with regard to such a mundane activity. By meeting all their objectives with this efficient solution, Beam2me will continue to upgrade this system to the next phase of their business strategy.