With the constant update of new products, BSH
wanted to develop microsites within their existing
corporate website. BSH wanted their users to
specifically focus and access their new products
that were launched in a particular campaign.

Headquartered in Germany, BSH has a uniquely
integrated CMS catering to 60 localised websites.
With such an intricate system in place, we had to
ensure that designs conformed to the branding
and technical standards planned for BSH websites.








Visitors of these microsites found a variety of social tools throughout the site. These enabled them to push products and information to their shared circles. And with users liking their products, BSH e-store increased product visibility as well as direct selling.

Also, in order to differentiate the various campaigns on the site, distinct concepts and designs were created to market unique products for different customer segments.






Visitors commented favourably on all elements including content, design, navigation, site performance and overall engagement satisfaction. The seamless integration of these microsites encouraged brand consistency and customer retention.