Efficiency &

Any company with a wide range of products,
compatibility between models and its various
accessories becomes an inevitable issue.
Canon was no exception.

As such, Canon Singapore needed to improve its
existing program imported from its headquarters
in USA. Canon Singapore needed to present the
information in a dashboard that was simple for
users of all ages. All within a specific budget.








DW Links redesigned the existing program into a desktop application. A fluid UI/UX that swiftly generated the accessories compatible with the selected model.

Additional features were also included in the program. One of which entitled the Canon Sales Team to save the selected details in a PDF Format. The Sales Team now had the ability to print the document, or even email the client the desired information in an efficient manner. And if that wasn't enough, the upgrade of the program led to savings of upwards to 50%!






With precise configurations, Canon saw an improvement in productivity. Their Sales Team were now equipped with the tools to support customer queries and ultimately, close sales. This led to an immediate increase in positive customer feedback.

The success of this redevelopment, coupled with the savings in cost, convinced Canon to include all other models in this program.