With several hotels within Asia, Hilton Worldwide
wanted to create an easily accessible point of
reference for all their internal staff, distributors
and vendors to view the features each hotel had.

One of the key challenges was to incorporate
the large amount of data into the application.
And still present it in Sales Kit suitable for all users.
Hilton wanted to present its users the capability
to access and view this information in all countries.
Even those that only had remote Internet access.








DW Links developed a web application to allow users with Internet access to view the informative site online. For countries without the convenience of a high-speed Internet connection, an iPad application was created for users to view the information offline.

With hotels continually upgrading their facilities, Hilton had to be able to update this information regularly. We proposed a seamless process where they can make these changes on one simple platform, with the amended information pushed out to both the web and iPad application.

Additional features, such as a dynamic Hotel Search function were included. This allowed users to search for a hotel that had specific features or facilities catered to their event.






With information at the touch of a button, Hilton Worldwide saw an improvement in productivity. Their Sales Team were now equipped with the tools to support customer queries and ultimately, close sales. This has led to favourable feedbacks from regular patrons.