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Furniture shops are a dime a dozen these
days. And it’s going to take a lot more than
just adding the word “luxury” or “premium”
to stand out. With the need to differentiate
themselves from the competition, Marquis
wanted to reinvent their corporate website
to enhance their brand awareness while
showcasing the premium brands they retail.










With Marquis's specialized focus in luxury furniture - as indicated by their online resource of catalogues - we aspired to make it easier and faster for their customers to access these information by changing the site's functionality.

Throughout the site, visitors found a variety of social tools. Tools that enabled them to share product information within their social spaces. This increased Marquis's brand awareness and visibility, even outside of their own customer base.

Moreover, distinct concepts and designs were created for each brand to communicate the different brands available on the Marquis site.






Visitors commended on all elements including content, design, navigation, site performance and overall engagement satisfaction. Through the rejuvenation of this site, Marquis was able to successfully enhance their cross-selling capabilities and reinforce their brand values.