Digital Hub

Breaking into a new target market requires
the brand to engage and inform the consumers
in a captivating manner. For NCS, it was getting
consumers excited about the possibilities of
Information Technology and Communications
Engineering for the future.








With insights into NCS' tech-savvy target market, DW Links' built an interactive digital hub that focused on the possibilities of future technologies. We first established a visual design style for NCS components, packaging and promotional material.

Next, we directed the production of five videos for the Experiential Room - to communicate and apply NCS products as solutions to various industries - in an immersive cinematic environment.

And finally, we created an Intelligent Centre to showcase scenario-based dashboards that would assist top management teams in their day-to-day operations. These included resource management, trend monitoring and tracking key performance indicators.






NCS digital hub offered entertainment, encouraged interactivity among all other users and revealed NCS's versatility. This interactive digital hub successfully showcased the benefits of NCS and, ultimately, introduced visitors to the possibilities of emerging technologies.