A Unified

Robert M. Parker, Jr. is one of the most influential
wine critics in the 21st century. As such, it was
integral to bring across the prestige of Robert Parker’s
Wine Advocate during their first Grand World Tour.

The first objective was to boost the awareness of the
Grand World Tour, starting with the Asia-Pacific region.
The next objective was to ensure that the brand identity
was consistent in both digital and non-digital assets.
And lastly, with orders coming from all over the world,
the purchase procedure had to be seamlessly integrated
with the marketing mechanisms catered for each region.








By amending their content to ensure the consistency of their brand, we conceptualized and designed a rich user experience. We then developed a content strategy and provided a greater fluid user experience by making the site up and running on any device. Be it mobile or desktops, any user will have easy access to the technology we've created.

Finally, in meeting e-commerce objectives, the technology was implemented across multiple countries with English as the main language. An additional feature that allowed users to convert the site into the country's respective native language was also included.






DW Links received commendations from Robert Parker's Wine Advocate and the partners and sponsors of the Grand Wold Tour. The site's success in depicting Robert Parker's Wine Advocate flavours, while meeting the e-commerce objectives, convinced them to use the same site for their tour in Europe and USA.